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Sai Sandeep Gundu is a hyperrealism artist from Hyderabad. His works are influenced by the natural world which captures the energy and the dynamism existing in nature as well as the emotional and hyper-realistic representations of the prejudices in our toxic society that we encounter daily.

He started off his journey as a portrait sketcher. He then found his style in black and white! Hence he rediscovered himself with charcoal sketching.
Then to raise the bar and push his limits he worked on oil paintings as it is one of the trickiest mediums to work with. This instilled a sense of focus and patience says Sandeep!
He's an engineer turned data analyst, now a full time artist. He is the founder of Exquisite Art Studio based in Hyderabad which specialises in crafting & designing Art for your style & space.

Hyper realism Artist

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