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As a freestyle multi-genre artist for fifteen years, Rashika tries to traverse the uncharted

territories of creativity with both her art and her writing, guided by intuition and fueled by

curiosity. Embracing the unknown, she sails on winds of inspiration. Her art and writing are

not the destination; it’s the voyage itself—a perpetual exploration of what it means to be

human, to be alive.

Rashika writes poetry. Her debut poetry book, Whispers of a Snowfall, was published in

2023, and had great reviews from readers on social media and sales platforms. She has

also been nominated for the Sahitya Sparsh Award 2024 for Poetry Category.

In a parallel universe, Rashika is sure to be a professional juggler, because in this universe,

she certainly aspires to be one. Her mind-bogglingly diverse interests range from wildlife

conservation to human rights advocacy, from mental health awareness to physical fortitude

building, and from reading voraciously to scribbling incessantly. She dabbles in all

expressive and creative pursuits when life permits and firmly believes in tenacity and


Giving and sharing are very close to Rashika’s heart. She works on a lot of not-for-profit

initiatives, including a handmade decor, crafts, and jewellery brand, that focuses on selling

art for charity. Her initiatives have had a successful run thus far, with her creations getting all sold out during recent exhibitions and sale fests. She plans to contribute extensively in the education section, as a provider of digital accessible career-focused education and training to the under-privileged, who wish to equip themselves with skills for sustainable careers.

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