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These works are based on the journey of inner self. I want to explore the inner expressions of my soul through art. In the darkest hours of life I believe to find light in every aspect. We live in a world where every kind of vibrations around us. Art is the reality of those abstract expressions. My abstract tapestries are the exploration of the inner self. There are two realities one which we see and the other which is hidden. I try to portray the depth of my mind which is hidden from me. Threads are the medium which I used to connect the dots between my thoughts and emotions. These works are the perception of my mind which I depicted with different mediums. I never pre-planned before doing art. Basically it depends on my mood; I worked so many days together to work in series so that the rhythm continues. The idea remains the same but the colours and sizes may vary. Mostly black fabric is used as a background of the embroidery drawings. It is used as a metaphor for darkness.  And coloured threads are the symbol of hope. There is a deep connection between darkness and light. Without darkness light has no meaning. To learn the truest nature of life we have to deal with both black and light. In this way what I experienced I try to transform it into tapestries.

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