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Born & brought up in Delhi , Gursimran Kaur is a self taught artist and an art educator, commonly known by her art name - That Colourful Vibe. She truly believes that art has some supernatural powers to heal us. It’s a mediative process through which one manifest, heal, let go and affirm everything in his/ her life. She chooses her subjects from life itself, only to layer them with a spiritual essence. She believes that one can create art using anything and everything and her forte is Mainly Abstractionism. Thus, Her art takes you through a journey of inquisitiveness, There are many stories untold and many songs unheard same is the case with her art, it connects immediately to find the unknown.


She has exhibited her works in numerous Art exhibitions - pan India and abroad and organised variety of art events, She goes with the belief that one should grab the opportunities coming in their way and take the first mover advantage. All that is need is WILL and CONSITANCY to move forward and everything gets in place.

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