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Neena Makhija is a self-taught, Noida based artist. Despite a clear passion and aptitude for fine arts, Neena persuaded and relinquished an art education in favor of more practical pursuits. She did her Master’s degree in health and nutrition followed by a bachelors’ degree in education. In 2019, as a means of dealing with a health setback, Neena started watercolor painting. Boredom and abundance of free time during Covid-19 helped in
honing her painting skills. Neena's artwork has been selected and showcased in many juried exhibitions in India and abroad. Neena paints in a photorealistic style. She enjoys painting still life, portraits, interiors and essentially anything which poses a challenge
and captures the simple moments of life which she brings a spark of brilliance to. Neena loves to have a single point of focus in most of her works. Light and reflection are an integral part of her paintings. The paintings are carefully planned and built up progressively layer by layer at a time with an exuberant range of values in watercolour, resulting in very detailed and intricate work. She adds an additional splash of
colours which make her paintings appear eye-catching.

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