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Starting from small sceneries to sketches of renowned faces, my art did not have any particular form as such. I was open to any and every style(s) as I was and I still am fascinated by the availability of diverse mediums in the field of art and I look forward to learning them .


From the year 2021 onwards, I have slowly shifted from the scenery sketch and watercolour as a medium, to the medium of ink on paper, oil pastels and acrylic paint. My artworks follow abstractism and a hint of surrealism to be precise. Soon enough, precisely from the beginning of 2022, I have put on paper several amalgamations of brush strokes and patterns that depict the accumulation of cloud-like patterns from within the unconscious mind. These patterns have no origination or end, but flow through the pages inside my mind ( and are channelized on paper through brush strokes using acrylic paint).

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