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Jasreen Kaur, a painter from Chandigarh, started her journey from the renowned College of Art,  Chandigarh. Having been exhibiting her artworks since a decade, who started her journey painting women and life improvisations has evolved her works into abstractionism and mysticism. she is ever experimenting in different mediums and techniques to express her soul on canvas. Her love for nature and masterful technique reveal every element culminated in a mystical atmosphere. she has been in the quest for combining beauty and nature with art and spirituality. Jasreen believes that, as beauty and art moves the soul, art also nourishes our souls by taking us on a spiritual journey. 
Jasreen’s works are prominently on nature and the beings, filled with textures and bright colours to both calm the mind and fill the soul with power and exuberance. 
In the current scenario of contemporary art, her works are those that stand out with her colour 
combinations, textured works and the thoughts portrayed on canvas. Jasreen’s sources of inspiration has been life around her, proven to show that miracles, magic and beauty is all around us, one needs to really be open to them. Therefore she is influenced by her life circumstances, seen in the swirls of her textures and her philosophy of art and beauty combined to walk the path of spirituality that drives her forward to achieve her ambitions.

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