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A painting that engages the eyes in seeing is a purer painting than a painting that engages the head in thinking. This is my fundamental philosophy or approach of painting. For me painting is painting itself only. Nothing more or less. My paintings are not related to any particular subjects. Its only relates to the space on canvas. I don’t think of the forms but formation. I am very much interested in handling the space differently on the canvas
with use of colors. Colors fascinate me so colors play an important role in my paintings. I always try to express my inner movement instead of illustrate them. When I am painting, I have no any idea of what I am going to do and where it goes at the end. I let myself go with my inner flow. I don’t care about the final result. Eventually the eye sees something and my brush rests. While painting I think in terms of lines, colors, space rather than words or thoughts. My understanding of painting is that painting has no meaning, only existence. And that existence is to be perceived and experienced through the eyes.

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