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Rupali jhaveri is a professional utopian artist from Mumbai  who started her artistic  journey as an amateur artist when she was in her college 20 years ago.She experimented with various forms of mediums , one being textile . She has done a year of art school where  she got an opportunity to  experiment more with her creative side  , this led to art being a stress buster and slowly becoming her passion and expression of her thoughts and ideas . Rupali  has always been influenced and admired Eastern and Western artistic culture ,  architecture , tradition and real life scenarios that reflects in her   works .Her journey as an artist has been inspired by the world she  has seen in her  travels and journeys .Her artworks spread across different mediums like charcoal , acrylics , mixed media with textures . She loves experimenting with new techniques and mediums and surprises herself  with the outcomes  . Rupali's  artistic strokes are thin , deliberate and detailed to make them look as real as can be . She loves using textures in her artworks as she strongly believes that her audience should not only see her emotions through her paintings but should also feel them .

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