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Ruhi dularey

Ruhi Dularey is a 21 y/o, Pune, IN based Painter/Artist, whose love for art began from her childhood. Growing up with Artistic parents in the culinary field, she has always been encouraged and supported by her parents throughout her artistic journey. Her main forte lies in Abstract, Portraits and Indian Contemporary art. Working mainly with Acrylic and Oil paints, she constantly pushes herself to use mixed media : Gesso, Chalk, Paper-waste, Plaster, Charcoal and Oil Pastels. Growing up in a country, filled with art and handicraft forms, aging from generations, her appreciation for Art and Architecture began from reading history when she was in 3rd grade. To bring back certain dying art forms in this day and age, is her goal. At the same time, attaching them to newer forms of art. Cinema, Music, High Fashion and Makeup are also some of the other elements responsible for her inspiration. Being a Makeup Artist, her passion to showcase art in not limited to canvases only. Being a Painter, Makeup artist and teaching herself to learn digital art as well, she dreams of learning every form of art available to a human being. And, her end goal is to showcase her art, in hopes that no childis ever told to forfeit their dream of being an artist, like she was multiple times from her extended family, as they never considered being an Artist, a “serious” career.

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