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Raksha S

Born in 1997, Raksha is an upcoming fine artist based in Bengaluru. She holds a degree in Visual Arts (painting) from ChitraKala Parishat (2019) and has been working as an independent fine artist since November 2021.

Her present works seek connections & similarities between different things and weave narratives from them. Finding her way through existential crisis and the desire to know the deepest self has played an important role in her thought

In her earlier works, the curiosity into the liminal realm of dreams led her to adopt elements from art movements like pop- surrealism and magical realism, so her works captured different surrealistic aspects of dreams, along with elements from her personal life which she illustrated in a similar manner. Introspection became an integral process in her art. Over the years, her works have moved from introspection to extrospection, looking at the physical world to find similarities, connections, and new perspectives to things around her. She uses her way of seeing things to create alternate worlds with unimaginable possibilities through which she aims to challenge the viewer’s perspective, subvert their thought processes, and provide an otherworldly visual experience.


Apart from weaving unusual stories that aim to influence the thought process of the viewer, she also does figurative art to capture unconventional beauty of common people, illustrating mythological stories, and addressing current issues with the world. Raksha mainly works with the medium of painting using ink and oils but also explores sculptures. She is currently working in Bengaluru.

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