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Ziana Nowrin

Updated: May 5

This is Ziana Nowshad, an engineer by profession and a calligrapher by passion. I had interested in calligraphy from childhood. During school days most of my teachers use to appreciate me for having good handwriting so I started thinking why can’t I start reforming each letters by my own way. Accidentally saw my dads journal, his journal was looking like a printed book. My dads journal inspired me a lot for been a calligrapher. Started my journey in 2013, but there were not much calligrapher out at those times because of that reason I have taken some of the tips from my dad and even I use to create my own fonts too

For me, a calligraphy is an art form that uses ink and brush to express the souls of words on paper. Mostly I does Islamic/English calligraphy. I started this page @_ziasanat_ purely out of boredom during this lockdown period, there was a lot of free time and I thought I could have fun with it. Main intention for creating ziasanat was to showcase my works. I was so surprised the love and support I gain within a short period of time. I got huge support from my parents, they are the reason behind my success. Looking forward to exploring more years of happiness and success in calligraphy field

Message I wanna to share among budding calligrapher is Never ever give up on your works or talent, work hard until people starts recognizing you by your works. Always work hard be unique from other calligrapher, find happiness in little things be thankful and be grateful to all things you are having in Your life because life is very short so enjoy every moment in your life.

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