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Upasana bhatnagar

Picasso has rightly said that “Everything you imagine is real”. Imagination is the ability to form a mental image of something that is not perceived through the senses. I have always been attracted to colors of all sorts. This attraction has taken the place of obsession which in turn leads to the creative thoughts I require to begin my artwork.

I work primarily with minimalist mode with a preference for rigour of an austere palette of bold colors. My works frequently include dynamic, sweeping brush strokes of acrylic paints and gouache paints that characterize much of my art. I also prefer to make my paintings digitally. They offer sharpness and neatness in the artworks. It is often noted that my works convey a controlled but dynamic sense of movement. The brush and the flow find their own way on the surface.

Although much of my works are based on natural surroundings and beautiful gift of nature, I revert from time to time in the realism in which I was trained as a young student. No matter how many paintings I have completed, every painting is an experiment to me.

I try to reach beyond myself by creating a mental challenge to combine materials that are unlikely to be combined, colors that are unlikely to go well, spatial arrangements that are surprising and then turn these improbable components into a finished piece of art that is satisfying to both the viewer and the artist alike.

I am holding a Bachelor Degree in the field of Commerce and Master in Management. Throughout my career as a student, I was appreciated for my creativity and presentation of ideas in a creative and unique way. This hidden treasure of creativity was explored by my teachers and later it became a passion for me to say or reflect my innermost thoughts through art and painting.

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