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Debarghya Chaudhuri

Updated: May 5

Debarghya Chaudhuri, a happy-go-lucky teenager from Gurgaon who is on autism spectrum. He loves painting landscapes and abstracts. He is on a journey for independence inspite of the challenges of Autism.

Over the last 3 years he has participated in many exhibitions like Arts and Souls Dream sphere and Festival of Art in New Delhi, Creative Kids 2019 in Pune. His first solo open air exhibition was in Anandagram, Gurgaon. He has also participated in inclusive virtual art exhibitions like Draw Your Soil 2020, Art for Autism 2020, upcoming Creative Kids 2021 International Exhibition. Gurgaon based chocolatier Sachdi’lites has selected Debarghya’s paintings for greeting cards. In February 2021 his art project ‘Rainbow of Hope’ got featured in Original Magazine, UK with other professional artists.


Follow his journey and be a part of our story.



Inside my Mind- Acrylic on canvas

Restless minds- Acrylic on canvas

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