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Swagata Palit

I am Swagata Palit, a passionate Mandala Art enthusiastic and an

Educator as well. Being an introvert I always love to paint my

imagination via art through which I express myself. At the year 2017, I

take an initiative to start painting again. On that note I learn the blissful

MANDALA Art, a form of art where everything is based on circle and

every pattern of art occurs in a circular form. It has a spiritual value also

which keeps the mind relaxes from the stresses.

I learn it from my art school (ARTROOM, Kolkata) and inspired from

there I started to work on this. After learning I experiment this form of art on any surface like paper, wooden material, canvas, glass, fiber etc.

By profession I am an educator and teach Zoology to undergraduate

students. Beside that while I started my art journey I found myself and I deeply connect my soul with the Mandala Art.

Then I take it seriously from 2020 and open my art page on social

platform (Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/artscoholic/ ) where I started to showcase my artworks. I published a book on the prestigious Google book.




I now worked on this art and create lots of thing with this art. I also took participate on exhibition.

I get inspiration from lots of things surrounding our periphery. Then I create them all with the Mandala Art.

I come in this creative world to spread happiness, love and kindness to every human being so that we all live peacefully in this planet.

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