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Suheil Salem Baqaeen

Updated: May 5

Here is where exactly the artist has chosen to inaugurate his studio, This House, in Amman. This privileged place has created an outlet for people represented, who are actually honing the talents of the blind and diving into the positive energy. It has been founded to keep in touch with the talent of painting throughout the granting period of these young people were able to support the plastic artist Baqaeen. Corona pandemic led Suhail Baqaeen to teach them remotely and with the aid of videos with two screens, to see life with their imagination and interact with it. They were able to communicate ideas and information to them, turning their handicap into energy and strength, and taking them from a dark path forming new aspirations, imagination and their ability to evoke the emotional state. These sightless were the big ones that do not know diamonds that provoke in them the inspiration and desire to experience the event as it is the blind. This idea of the studio came to confirm faith in the capabilities of children who lost their eyesight. The exhibition relies solely on the sense of touch.

Baqaeen did not lose hope and their love for life with their continuous creativity beginning with many fears during the Corona crisis, so it was necessary to find a way from several initiatives, the most important of which is the "fragrant color" that pushed the owner of the idea easy .

At the same time, it is beneficial to engage these children in order to make them capable and ambassador of the World Blind Organization, to expand the project and complete the possibility of anxiety and a sense of danger, and this is what children touched on the people with the message that was honored by His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al Hussein, visual disability in drawing, especially in light of the difficult circumstances that was affected and appreciative of the efforts made after him . This residence ownershi is simply giving them the opportunity to fly with all ideas other than the fragrant season Color in the Blind Academy۔ Traditional and capable of embodying creativity and using it as a link between them and Baqaeen , and as a volunteer, breaking down barriers of these disabled children. This empowers the children to move eagerly and happily between their mixed feelings and the blind, by enabling them to mix imagination with reality and color, reading allowed them to read their paintings with the sincerity of the sense and accuracy of performance and get to know them. In addition to inciting them to have the aspirations that the group as a whole seeks to achieve, Baqaeen sees a dream of their own through which they proceed to the world victorious over isolation with two bases that his choice of the location of the studio in Amman is very important as he aims to breakdown stereotypes that denounces the blind. He is so attached to his studio because that region is a tourist attraction that will show creativity in the way he wants, leaning on his will and ambition and keeping children present locally and globally. Also, this will stimulate tourism, exposing the entire world to the Corona pandemic and the demolition of cultural aspects and will motivate them to always provide the best. By developing their ability to live, move, and prevent gatherings, all this did not stop the group's activity or so, it seeks to integrate blind children with their peers. Mis sighted people, by encouraging them and building their determination, that they are the heart of the event in the season of “Daret Suhail” in order to prove their capabilities. The blind are not always familiar with the general atmosphere and involved in photographing them through there, which prevents them from being free by depositing their inexhaustible drawings, all things that gave them the ability to document the situation and interact with it is that there are two areas that the next steps focus primarily on relying on the imagination of children wide and creative. And also on their senses that setting up individual exhibitions for blind children, and psychologically unleashed them in order to come out with the most beautiful paintings and the most expressive of reality and material. They will also try hard to expand this pioneering project and the feelings that may be circulating in their interior and music may be inserted into it to be an extension of the academic season and work on them and through the drawing they were able to send the world a message of its content making “Daret Suhail” a support center for the academy. This asserts the blind even though may be challenged it focuses on their capabilities to be in compliance with the directives of His Majesty the King that all of them can be creative and distinctive if given the opportunity. The contributors to the exhibit support him and praise creativity, especially the category of people with disabilities.

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