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Sonia dutta

I am sonia dutta, an anthropologist academically, home maker unwillingly and a painter passionately. I am a self taught artist with a degree of masters of science. This passion for art increased with the number of years of my age. I do pencil sketching ,as well as, painting with mediums like pencil colours, poster colours, water colours and acrylic paints. I keep on learning different forms like modern, pallette knife, Indian tribal art etc. I am on a journey to learn with a never-say-die attitude. Hopefully will keep this learning spirit ignited always. I have participated in couple of offline and online art exhibitions . Recently participated in one offline exhibition at chandigarh, Art gallery and Museum, sector 10 and participating in an upcoming art exhibition at Delhi organized by AIFSC. I have sold couple of my paintings recently on different platforms too.

Chit - chat session

Size - 12×16 inches

Medium - watercolor on sheet

Minimalist woman face

Size -16×20 inches

Medium- acrylic and white ink pen

A fishy affair

Size - 20×24 inches

Medium- acrylic on canvas

A big wave

Size - 18×24 inches

Medium - acrylic on canvas

Swans in pond

Size - 18×24 inches

Medium- acrylic on canvas

The lone wolf

Size - 16×20 inches

Medium - acrylic on canvas

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