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Soni Singh

She has completed B.F.A and M.J from Varanasi and honestly endeavouring to uphold both responsibilities of these two different areas.

With ‘Kala Virasat’ she is attempting to preserve the folk arts of India chiefly Madhubani and promulgating it to new generation connecting them to their roots, the journey has started with an Art Exhibition in Mumbai (India), with the help of Indian Government she has exhibited the Madhubani Paintings in the different schools of Varanasi and enlightened the enthusiastic students about the basics of Indian art.

Themes of her paintings are spiritual comprehension, asceticism, devotion and an attempt for mass to be aware of its hidden positive enigmas soothing people’s mind and body with Madhubani’s vibrant colors.

In accordance with the ‘Kala Virasat’ as a Blog- experiences of artists, art’s specialties, and attempt to present artist’s ventures in Hindi; is still a beginning journey.

She is also a regular writer for the website ‘Kashipatrika’ which also focuses on the Indian culture and its history.

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