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Sneha Garge

I have been painting ever since I could remember. The subject I often paint involve intimate

interior spaces, personal spaces with processions with which I share an intimate connection


In the second year, the mandatory miniature workshop taken by Gopa Trivedi had a

significant impact on the course of my practice. I became engrossed in bringing together

forms, textures and stylistic characteristics from various schools of miniature paintings.

Having learnt the techniques of making pigments, preparing the wasli surface for the

miniature painting, I began experimenting and employing water-based media on surfaces

created by sticking Rice paper and handmade sheets to paint on.

Jahangiri Miniatures depicting his childlike unselfconscious joy of possessions, scenes from

Ramyana or Radha Krishna with Fine brushwork, intricacy, detailing and stylization with

some motifs that hint the history and lineage of stylistic characteristics in a particular school

are the unique attributes of miniature painting that deeply interest me. After working much

like Rajasthani and Mughal style, I began painting my studio spaces, interior and personal

spaces with textures, patterns and stylistic references from the various schools, often bringing

together various references into a singular picture plane.

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