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Shreya Vadlamani

Hey All. This is Shreya Vadlamani here, An IT professional by nature and an artist in making. That’s me in a nutshell.

A chance stumble across a nicely etched drawing with finely curved corners caught my eye one day. With much time on hand due to the current testing times, a thought crossed my mind to look and ponder over it. After much thought, I took an interest in trying out a drawing myself. With a few rough corners managed a few drawings. As time flew a few more came into existence. This started my journey into the world of Mandala. As the saying goes practice makes one perfect and there is a long way to go.

So then came the thought of creating an Instagram page where I can share my Mandala artworks with all you wonderful people out there,who can help me grow in this field.

That led to the birth of my Art page "ATIZAY_ARTS" which is the reflection of my Artworks and my thoughts on Art!

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