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Sayali Raje

I'm Sayali Nitin Raje from Satara, Maharashtra. I am 19 yrs old college student pursuing B.Tech in Electrical engineering. I had not completed any course or proper education in art & paintings, so basically I'm self taught artist. Painting and creativity has always been my greatest passion and favourite thing to do. In school time I always used to do pencil sketches, paintings and also portraits. Moving to college life I was unable to give sufficient time for my art. But in corona pandemic I decided to create some positivity and invested my spare time to improve my artwork and I started to paint on walls by oilpaints. I found great joy and challenge to develop my creativity. By practicing I started Acrylic painting and 3D Wallpaintings recently I'm working on spray painting, pencil sketch and glass painting and still trying to improve it.

Well here are some of my wall paintings done by oilpaints and acrylic colours with brushes. They are sized approximately 20 to 15 feet tall and wide. I hope you liked my artworks.

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