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Updated: May 5

I am Sasirekha from Rameshwaram in Tamilnadu, now I am

staying in Hyderabad since last 10 years..

I am a house wife and a hobby artist but from last lockdown

period make me a sharp professional artist.

I have two kids. First son has 8years old and second son has

1year 8 months old. Last year I have started my career and it

was very difficult to manage because my 2 nd son was 3months

old but I was very confident. Last April month I am ready to

participate an Art exhibit in Ooty. But govt has announced

lockdown due to covid19, so they have postponed this year May

month 2nd week and now I ready to participate, I am happy to

say this.

I spent with my own time after my children slept and I didn’t

utilize my family time, so I can proudly saying that I am a good

mother for my kids and good wife for my hubby.

I see myself as a unique artist since childhood, not because my

paintings are perfect. Rather I am satisfied that I am able to

express my creativity and beliefs through art.

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