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Sakina Saiefe

Hi, i am sakina saiefe. I am 20 years old and i live in a small town of rajasthan. I always wanted to study arts, fine art, drawing. but i ended up in commerce field. I had no other option except this bcz of the small town and backward area. I am b.com 2nd year student. I always had this creative and artistic side in me. I used to make pencil sketches. But i was more into mandalas. Last year in lockdown when i was scrolling down my insta feeds i found an amazing mandala artist there, named fayiza. I was so inspired by her mandala that one day i decided to try it out. And the results were beyond my expectations. Thats where i started my mandala journey. I had a lot of obstacles in learning, bcz the place where i live doesn't have proper resources for artists.. So i drew my first few mandalas with 10rs black, blue and red gel pens. After alot of research about mandalas and fine liners, i was able to get supplies from near by city and from online stores. And i got full support from my family, friends and mostly from my economics teacher.

I started my own art page after that, named @the_artifice_ and started posting there.

For me art is something which can express your every type of feelings. It makes me feel calm. It is really a therapuetic art for me.

By participating in this exhibition i expect my self to be more confident about my artworks and to take my art to the next level.

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