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Sajal Jain

Sajal Jain, is a 19 year old college student and a freelance artist from Bhopal who is immensely

passionate about photography.

What started for him as a leisurely activity during schools days has now turned into a source of bliss that

he works on everyday to master in.

He relishes the art of storytelling via the lens of his camera, hence, making contemporary, fine and

street art his most favourite forms of photography.

He further, savvies the unreserved glee that one feels when their captures and the stories behind them

are showcased to a larger audience which is what pushed him to participate in competitions, exhibitions

and magazine submissions.

Here he choses to showcase his best-loved art form; Minimalistic Photography! The austere simplicity of

it is what speaks for him most and gives him pleasure like no other!

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