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I started my artistic journey in Mumbai as an amateur artist 20 years ago. I

started experimenting with various forms of medium, one being textile. As I

experimented more, this led to art being a stress buster and slowly becoming

my passion and expression of my thoughts and ideas.

As an artist we get influenced by a lot of things. For some it’s the world

around them, for some its love, for some there is nature but for me I have

always been influenced and admired Eastern and Western artistic culture,

architecture and tradition, real life objects and scenarios which reflects in

my work.

My artwork spreads across various mediums like charcoal, acrylics, mixed

media with textures.

I also love to incorporate different Indian traditional artforms into various

Western styles of painting all while using natural colors originated from

stones and earthy products.

I’m also experienced in various traditional Indian artforms like Mata ni

Pachedi, Phad, Kalamkari, Pichwai, Tanjore, Bengal and Orissa Pattachitra,

Thangka, miniature, Saura paintings and Tholu Bommalata However, I do not

limit myself to that. I have participated in art exhibitions and commissioned

plenty and have always been brought by a happy and content client.

To explore my work in depth please visit or contact:

 My Instagram handle @artbyrupalik.

 Email id : jhaverirupali2480@gmail.com

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