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I am Ruchira, a full time IT professional by profession and an artist post working hours. As a child, I

always had my interest in drawing and painting.

But being brought up into middle-class Indian family my only aim was to get good grades, get a job

and settle in life.  Running behind my aim, I had almost forgotten my most favorite hobby. Life is full

of surprises and so was mine until the Covid 19 pandemic which came as an unprecedented


In the world full of negativity, I found my peace by focusing my spare time in drawing Mandala art.

Mandala art is recognized as a meditation, healing, and art therapy. I genuinely started off designing

mandalas as a therapy and landed up creating an Instagram page “points_to_patterns” to showcase

my work to the world outside. My family and friends boosted my confidence, appreciated my

artwork and today, here I am presenting my art in this exhibition. This was about me and my journey

of becoming an artist. Let's talk about the art I have showcased in this exhibition.

Along with Mandala design which I do in a sketchbook, I took one step forward and

learnt “Dot Art”. A little history about Dot Art. The Dot painting originated 40 years ago back in 1971

in Australia. Dots were used to fill in designs. Dots were also useful to obscure certain information

and associations that lay underneath the dotting. Interesting isn’t it?

To learn this art, I went through a zillion YouTube videos and practiced it every single day. Well, here

I am today showing you a few of my creations.

I hope you liked my work. If you want to know more about Mandalas and techniques do reach out to

me any time. I’ll be happy to help you. My Instagram handle is- @points_to_patterns.

Till then, please take care and stay safe.

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