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Rritu Goel

Updated: Mar 19

Ms. Rritu Goel is a professional artist from Delhi, NCR, India and believes in freestyle painting, taking her inspiration for creating artwork from the beauty of nature and the things around it. She has graduated from Delhi School of Arts and started painting from a very early age.

Her works are full of vibrant colours and positive energy and she loves to express the beauty of nature and spirit using different styles of artworks, which enables her to shape the world according to the depth that she identifies it with.

Few styles of artwork as mostly painted by Rritu are Oil paintings, Acrylic paintings, Watercolours, Abstract / Contemporary artwork and Fluid Artwork amongst others. Her amazing creations can be viewed at her website www.artbyhuesofrritu.com

She can also be contacted at https://instagram.com/huesofrritu?igshid=2i8l9e6rfajp or at huesofrritu@gmail.com

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