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Priyanka Prakash

Hello , I'm priyanka prakash . I live in delhi with my parents. I'm doing my Higher studies from jk business school , Gurgaon . Currently I'm a full time Mandala Artist . I started my journey in April 2020 during lockdown. I was just sitting by phone ,sereching what to do in leisure time , then suddenly I came across this beautiful traditional artform know as MANDALA . After that I started learning it, acquiring knowledge about its origin, history, meaning . Then every day I use to practice this alot and show my drawings to someone who's really close to my heart . One day he advised me to take this passion to a higher level making it as my profession . I'd always wanted to be an artist hearing this advice I was feeling like I've eveything that I wish . Bit by bit learning and understanding, I've completed my one year with my Mandalas .

My call my Mandala Collections as "Pri_tangle" .

I hope one day I'll be able to spread my collection and passion to evey corner of this world.

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