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Parul Gandhi Shewakramani

Updated: May 5

Parul Gandhi Shewakramani

Creative Head


With her latest stint as the creative head of Artnstory studio, Parul Gandhi Shewakramani has

come a long way with arts.

The artist, known for her strong artistic skills, has indulged in a variety of artistic pursuits.

From designing clothes to planning artworks, she has made herself synonymous with creativity

of all kinds.

Yes, Parul is also the founder of "Parnia",a fashion brand, designing apparel.

Her love for creative arts helped her to explore newer art territories in 2020 and that's how she

came up with Artnstory studio. She jointly runs the art venture with her friend Malavika

Roy(Business and Strategy head of Artnstory_studio)

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