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Parul Agarwal

Updated: May 5

My name is Parul Agarwal, Mom to my daughter Sampriti Agarwal and artist of The Bohemian Paradise ️. We thought of this name The Bohemian Paradise because it's our small paradise of artwork. My daughter helped me start this page thinking that my talent should be recognised and appreciated. I am passionate about water color, Oil and knife painting. I believe that every artist should find ways to learn new art techniques by learning from various artists. I think for me Inspiration for art comes from my passion for art. Also, my daughter is my inspiration and motivator as she pushes me if I feel like giving up.

Running this page is quite challenging since we both don't stay together. However, we still make sure that we coordinate well and take some time in a day to run the page so that I can showcase my talent to the world.

The Chill and Booze

True Companion

Fly High

Frozen Roses

Light in Darkness

Eternal Symbol of Love

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