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Neha Gautam

Myself Neha Gautam from Indore, Madhya Pradesh and I am 29years old.

I am graduated in B.com(hons) from Hansraj college, Delhi University amd then I pursued MBA (FA) from Indore. I had worked as Deputy Manager in ICICI Bank in Mumbai. Being a creative person since childhood and passionately into drawing detailed designs, my journey took a turn and now I represent myself as a Mandala Artist.

I am loving being a part of artists circle.

Art for me is a spiritual process because it connects me for who I really am, my essence. I love drawing Mandala art and every mandala I create is a picture of my "self".

I also believe Mandala as a psychological expression of the totality of the "self".

I somehow knew that in finding the mandala as an expression of the self I had attained what was for me in ultimate.

Mandala art for me is also something which attracts and focuses the mind to bring upon the state of meditation. And so I love creating Mandalas.

Apart from being an artist I am also a solo traveler and a nature photographer and wherever I travel, I love to take photographs of the nature's beauty and draw the silhouettes of the view I witness.

I am very grateful for the Vulcan Art Gallery for providing me with this opportunity to present my artwork in the exhibition.

This is an excellent platform for all the artists who wants to grow and explore the world of art and creativity.

I really hope my artwork is liked by all.

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