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Updated: May 5

From the last 16 years, Kavi Art Studio has been independently run by me, Mrs.Kavitha. My journey as I started when as an 8 year old child, I started creating floral designs on thin sheets of paper using sketchpens. I used to save up money to buy these sketchpens. I just let creativity flow through me. Whenever I came across a painting, I would stare and imagine how the strokes, colours and techniques have brought it to life.

As an adult, I was always on a quest to find good art courses and teachers. I absorbed everything I could from whatever I could lay my hands on. My obsession with art often drove me to distant parts of the city.

And in 2004, I gave rise to what is now, the Best Art Institute (Google: 4.8 stars) in Hyderabad. Till date, I have a collection of 54 different art courses - ranging from folk arts to contemporary paintings. Hundreds of students from all over the world have sought solace in art. Some students won several National Level Competitions, held beautiful Art Exhibitions, and made a living out of soul-touching paintings.

I'm grateful for the amazing journey I've been through! I hope you can find inspiration in my works and find something that resonates with you! For more about me, you can visit my website : www.kaviartstudio.in

Kavi Art Studio www.kaviartstudio.in +91-8106532696

Peacock- Kalamkari

Dhan Chakra- Madhubani

Radha Krishna- Tanjore

Saraswati Devi- Kerela Murals

Laxmi Devi- Tanjore Painting

Wedding of Rama and Sita- Madhubani

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