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Mohita S Siddharth

Mohita S Siddharth is a prolific writer, author of "Heartfelt Hues and Silhouettes of Life" and a passionate painter. She strongly feels inspiration is everywhere in everything you just have to focus and see or think outside the box. She has touched and motivated many hearts with her creativity and have won several awards for her creativity. She like drawing and painting with watercolors and acrylics, she is also a mandaa artist. Mohita is a learner and has explored various forms of artwork her favourite is Madhubani artwork as it connect us to our roots. She also has a podcast to share her views in a poetry way by the name @shreyamusings on Anchor.fm and Spotify. As she has followed her heart you can see her creative side on Instagram @shewritesforsam and Facebook @shreyamusings or email her on shreyamusings@gmail.com.

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