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Moahnish Rao

"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep."-Scott Adams I am Mohanish Rao from Bhopal(M.P.). I'm a Software Developer by profession and an artist by passion. This pandemic gave me time to reflect and I decided to make my passion my profession. Most of my paintings reflect my passion for nature. Like life, my art is in a phase of continuous learning and hence I am trying to explore different art. I've been exploring Oil painting on canvas, Watercolors, pencil shadings, and whatever I can get my hands on. You can get a peek at some of these on my Insta Page - @mohartzz. I started drawing pictures from my school books using carbon paper as a toddler and my father did what any father would do, enroll me in competitions. I never won any of those but enjoyed the process of expressing myself. The winning came eventually when I won poster competitions in Tech-fests by making serious topics fun. I won every contest I participated in and for that brief period, it seemed like I was winning in life too. Winning the 'Best Poster' at the International Council of Climate Change was a bigger deal than I felt because I was just having fun. My first professional step was to auction 5 paintings worth Rs.27000 in a fund-raiser event for a cause I believed in. To divert my mind from the pandemic I started painting more and started my Instagram page. And from then on I've been on a journey after all 'Art is a journey, and now that you're reading this you're a part of it too. Welcome to my journey fellow human.

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