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Mitali Sawant

Updated: May 5

Hi, My name is Mitali Sawant. I am an Artist from Mumbai. I am a student and now

pursuing a degree in Bachelors of mass media in journalism from Mumbai university. I know,

its totally a different field which an artist might choose but I never knew that I could ever be

an artist. I remember when I was a child, I used to scribble the walls of my room with different colours and sketch pens and later I got scolded by my great lady don, my mumma but my mumma used to find it more cute so she enrolled my name in different drawing classes

and as a kid I used to hate attending classes because I was introvert and being surrounded by

students of different age groups used to scare me. What if somebody judges my drawing, what if somebody laughs? I was so sacred and shy as a kid that I always avoided attending classes

and when I started growing up, the creative side of me just stared being invisible. There was no more painting, colouring, drawing or sketching. Everything just suddenly disappeared.

I graduated from my school, got an admission in Ruparel college, Matunga and decided to be a CA and later thought of attempting few government exams but here’s where the artist in me which was hidden somewhere started to pop her side. I was crazy about Ruparel Natyavibhag, its a dramatic club. I started exploring theatre, the process of it and here where I was introduced to this term ‘KALAAKAR’. I am now so crazy about Artists. Artists are just

an expressive and a creative human. They think differently, lost in their thoughts and just doing and creating something beautiful, meaningful out of anything.

I started painting 2-3 years back. Just randomly painting over my dad’s waste document paper and I observed myself, how I feel while painting and what I think while painting, these

are my small but an important observation about myself. I started participating in different competitions, performed in few dramatic events. Surrounded myself with the best artists of

different fields just helped me boost my confidence and made me believe in myself. I started exploring art, tried painting different art forms and later I was just unstoppable. Now when I

look back at my past self, I feel so proud of myself that how I was and how I am now. I am learning and still exploring different art. I’ve tried my hands in Acrylic painting on a canvas and paper, Water colour painting, Gouache art, Abstract art, Oil painting and crafts. I am more active on Instagram, @mitalisawant_ is my art page where I post different arts which I create on daily basis. I also conduct free virtual workshops for those people who can’t afford

to pay and who are interested in painting and learning different techniques.

I am still exploring the artist in me and blooming everyday with love and happiness!

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