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Mayank Vij

The Deepest Secret is that life is not the process of discovery , but a process

of CREATION. Seek , therefore , not to find out Who you are , seek to determine

Who you want to be !

Believing in the strong statement , I started photography after a decade of being in

corporate job now an entrepreneur form last 3 years. Amidst the COVID 19

pandemic , all industries were impacted which gave me time to think and do what I

really wanted to do “ Photography”. This gave my soul my purpose which I shall

follow now onwards. 

So Started travelling , meeting people , experiencing rituals across the country. 

All my photographs have some stories to say

At end just wanna share something I read somewhere that every action taken by

human being is based in love or fear.

Fear is the energy which contracts , closes , down, draws in , runs , hides , hoards


Love on other hand is the energy which expands, open up , sends out , reveals ,

shares, heals. 

This is what photography is to me.

Mayank vij


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