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Martie Giesbrecht

Updated: May 5

My creative expression is in the form of acrylic on canvas,

painting landscapes and prairies skies. My purpose for

painting goes beyond just the making of art; it’s about

showcasing the beauty of our land, our skies, our people

and bringing love, light and connection to the viewers. I

want to make our world a better place with each piece of

art - full of color, contrast and texture – to tell a bit of my

personal story of struggle and triumphs, in hopes that it

encourages others to carry on, to see hope in the hard,

and know that they can have a strength they never

thought possible. I pray that the viewer will experience

the love and hope that is found in Jesus Christ, the Son of

God and Saviour of the world.

Glorious Sky

Gentle Goodnight

Frost and Poplars

Autumn Glory

Winter Blues

Almost Spring

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