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Updated: May 4

Emerging multi-media artist, Haley-Marie Deir sees the world through a different perspective. Marie was born in Brockville, Ontario and grew up moving around Ontario. ​ As they were introduced to creative expression at such a young age, their works are heavily influenced by their life journey, both good and bad events alike. Relying more on the twisted visuals that makes the viewer question something. Through their many journeys, such as: mental health and traumas. Marie is able to break through stereotypes and create empowering visuals that evokes an emotional response that speaks to the raw view they have on the world around them. Though Marie likes to stand alone in their artistic styles and successes, they have in the past taken inspiration from many artists like: Georgia O’Keefe, Rene Magritte, Alexis Kandra, and Grigoriy Peppo; as well as others. ​ Marie is currently, working on several independent works as well as, building their artistic voice after recently finished their post-secondary in the Visual and Creative- Fine Arts. Most likely preparing for their next big adventure in her artistic career.

And about my art would be as follows:

Words aren’t something that comes easy to me, but I like to be heard. Art has been my outlet for expression and to voice my opinions. I create my works around the things that are going on in my life at the moment, sometimes that means it is personal works and other times that means that it is about things going on around me. Either way, my goal in making art is to be able to create emotional and thought provoking works that makes people stop and evaluate something in and of itself.

When making my pieces, I don’t try to limit my planning process too much. I try to keep it rather loose and let it take me where I need to go. I find that it gives it more movement and emotion; makes it more interesting for the viewer.

As of moment, I am exploring a lot with portraiture and mixed media. Playing with texture and values. Seeing how I can create a cohesive piece or body of work with as much texture and contrast as I can. My whole art career so far, I have played with 2- dimensional mediums, never having any texture. So, it is a new thing to me, and I am loving it.

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