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Mahsa Fatemi Alavi

Updated: May 5

My name is Mahsa Fatemi Alavi. I was born on 16 April 1991, in Tabriz, Northwestern Iran. Since I was a child, I’ve always liked to paint. That made me delighted. I also liked to give my miniature paintings as

a birthday present to my family members!

When I grew up, I decided to study architecture. I thought it could be a platform for me to make my imaginations real, which was very exciting for me! I was awarded my master’s degree in the field of architecture at Tabriz Islamic Art University in 2020.

Among my artistic activities, I experienced music and playing Setar- a traditional Persian music instrument, and I had numerous live performances in Tabriz. While learning music, I became acquainted

with the art of improvisation and thought that I might be able to use improvisation in sketching. So I started to draw lines and show my momentary feelings with lines. As a first step, part of my tissue paper sketches was published in a book in 2016.

I tried to experiment with everything in my sketches, like crayons, pastel chalks, watercolor, etc. This made me be daring and not be afraid of new experiences.

Besides my artistic career, I held my first individual exhibition of artworks named “Khat o Khial” in Tabriz in 2017. After that exhibition, I tried to continue my artwork and be more active in conceptual an abstract sketches. So I held my second individual exhibition named “Streams of Imagination…” in Turkey in 2019.

I will try to experience more and more, and I think that art demonstrated a beginning for me, but it will

not have an end!

To learn more about my artworks or connect with me, please feel free to visit my Instagram page:


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