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kashish chopra

My journey into the world of art started at a very tender age making it a very significant part of my identity .I’ve dabbled in a variety of media and styles .I’ve tried to portray in my work varius conflicts in my mind including many imaginable choices which I had an inkling on how to make but not with absolute certainty .when I started to paint I drew and displayed not everything that was completely intentional but what I felt ,thought in my mind and understood about. Subsequently once I finished my painting I was able to resolve many of my conflicts by relooking at what I had painted because it did give me an insight into my thought process and my inner most self , where there were always few unresolved dilemmas which no one could resolve completely including certain ways of life which I wasn’t in sync with anybody else’s outlook .

I personally love traditional paintings because it provides a focal point to which it’s people can always return -to explore their roots or simply to develop a deeper connection with countries.

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