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Jessika Reddy

Hi, my name is Jessika Reddy. I am Guyanese Canadian. I have an Honours Bachelors degree in Art and Art History from the University of Toronto and Sheridan college.

My paintings of still-life respond to the contemporary trend of posting images of food on social media platforms, also known as " Food Porn Photography". I strive to reflect a healthy connection between food and body due to my passion for art and fitness.

With my landscapes, I explore ways to transport the viewer to a scenery where clarity is present and tension is absent. I welcome viewers to find a meditative space and focus on their inner-self, by decompressing and emancipating from the chaotic world.

To achieve this, I use a paintbrush to paint in a similar way that is reminiscent to the pointillism technique. I create soft, blended strokes, to produce a clean effect within the layers of paint.

My process also involves using a palette knife because of the paintbrush's limitations in creating texture. This allows me to convey a perception of realism, within an imaginative atmosphere.

To learn more about my work or connect with me please feel free to visit my website www.Jessikareddy.com

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