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Jesse Abraham

Jesse Abraham, 30, grew up in Malaysia and now live and works in Melbourne and Tasmania.

A self thought artist with a huge passion for art from young. She is an impressionist painter and

love to paint your pet. Using a mixture of acyclic, oil paints and sketching with the influence of

Vincent Van Gogh. Most of her works are from the scenery of nature, life experiences and things

that she finds beautiful and inspired. As Marina Abramovic said: ”You know you are an artist if you

have to do art, it’s like breathing and you have to no choice. Nothing should be able to stop you.”

This is the biggest motivation for her to keep doing art every single day. In her oil painting artwork,

she used rich tones that oils provide to give her paintings a strong physical presence.

The resulting works transform standard notions of realism into a uniquely expression style. Working on

acrylic paints, she employs bold and colourful palette with fluid style to give her landscapes a captures

the essence of wilderness while unveiling a vivid interior world.

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