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Updated: May 5

My name is Jaspreet and I am from Canada. I love reading and also share a love for art! I have always been drawn to art from day one. I started off with doodles which led to mandalas and beautiful designs which I still draw. But then I recently found a new love and passion for painting which allows me to express myself in so many ways. Painting is my distraction and my stress reliever. It’s there when I cannot express what I want in words. Each stroke of the brush allows me to feel at peace with myself and feel connected to something. The feeling of blending colours together, painting new ideas and fairytales is an indescribable feeling. I get lost in the painting and mess which makes me feel free and content. Painting doesn’t have to make sense which is why I don’t always paint realistic things because there are no rules in painting. It can be anything and everything you want. I feel inspired by everything around me whether I’m on a walk or at the grocery store. There are no mistakes in painting, just happy accidents as Bob Ross would say. Art will forever be my passion as it continues to grow day by day. ♥️

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