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Isha Bawiskar

My paintings based on “ Aeroplanes”that is plane made by paper.From my childhood,I liked to make the

‘paper plane’ and play with it.And then I thought,this is my favorite from which can I use in my

painting.That is it will be my hobby and also happiness about that.When I started paintings,that

paintings never as my pleases,then I concentrate on my painting from my whole heart.Because what I

want.....I never got perfectly.I tried to show this paper plane in painting in different manner and

different angle.This paper plane is the reminder of my childhood.

           It is real fact that our parents worked hard for us,that is they shaped us from ‘clay’ to ‘earthen

pot’,now we are at this stage that we should do for our parents that will be proud fully.This from that is

“paper plane”is my identity.But (it is my wise)I have a desire to sit in real plane and also with my mother

and father,in my own sallery.It is not massage for others,it just my hobby.

            Now a days,I'm doing painting on some other topic ,i.e childhood memories, child labour,politics,

Golden crown, Puppets of Poverty.

In some paintings I tried to showing the childhood of a child which is vanished in today's world, parents

are lots of expectations from the child right from the birth of the child,we try to inculcate what we want

but don't try to understand their feelings which restrict the growth of a child.Childrens are put lot of

burdan right from the age of 2 years.I think up to five years of age child should enjoy his childhood with

complete freedom.

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