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Dr Ankita Roohja

Updated: May 6

I am a Dentist by profession and an artist by passion. During my childhood, I was always the artistic kid. I would steal my time out of various other activities to draw. I never thought of becoming a professional artist until my second year of college, when one of my friends asked me to paint for his new home and he even offered to pay for that. At that moment I realised that people would like to have my art in their lives. Art is appreciated by a bunch of people, but only a certain percentage of them are actually willing to pay for it. When I saw that someone was ready to pay for my art, I knew it was the time for a step ahead. Anything and everything around me is a part of my inspiration. For every blank object or space, I think about ways to give it a new look. I tend to look at things in a totally different way. I always wonder what I can do with them and how I can present it on a canvas. My brain is always running for ideas. The most important thing is practice. I make sure to draw every day - it keeps me calm and creative. It all started with a Facebook page that I made in 2005. I just wanted to share whatever I drew. I never imagined or thought of making money out of it but gradually people started approaching me for buying. It mostly happens when I share my work in different groups. I join new groups that match the concept of my ongoing works. For example, if I am working on some Hindu Gods, I join various groups that have a Hindu community. I share my art as a normal post, not as a sale post. People like the posts and approach me. In the beginning, it's family and friends only but gradually, others approach.

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