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Dr. Aanchal

Hi, am Dr. Aanchal and I welcome you to join me on my journey through life.. let's bring about an amalgamation of arts and everything imaginative.....I am a Bds graduate, thus a dentist by profession....However, arts has been my passion ever since I can remember and I would still choose to do it each day everyday...As we journey through life, we keep on evolving, we keep on growing.... For me, one constant that has stayed forever is my love for arts. I have evolved as a person because of my love for arts, I believe that it has the potential to bring about an evolution. And yes, that's how the name Art is Evolutionary was born....! The journey so far has been beautiful and I have come a long way.... I look forward to creating more and more each day...I hope you guys enjoy looking through my artworks and also have your own unique interpretations about them.... Would love to hear from you..... Welcome abode to my own little paradise for all things magical....

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