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Charlotte Paturel

My name is Charlotte Paturel and I love photography. I have loved it since a very young age and

knowing it was something I always wanted to do, I spent a few years teaching my self how to do it after I

had my first son.

One thing many might not realize and why I love doing family photography, I get to see all stages of of

family life. Because I am very close with my own large family I love how connected I feel and so

prevaliged to be able to take photos for so many other families, it is something that is so special for me to

do. I love how creative and challenging it can be, never having a dull moment while doing sessions.

while I love photographing Families I was able to practice and really start photographing many other

things that I love and being able to see things from a different perspective. Taking the time to really

apreciate all the things we have and all the beauty that surrounds us daily if we only look for it.

sometimes it can hide from us, we become so used to seeing such beauty around us that we take it for

granted and being able to stop and smell see and feel all that is around me. For me even doing macro

photography which is close up images of the small things around us like wild flowers in our backyard we

so often overlook but it all comes together to create the beauty that surrounds us.

I try hard every day to remember to take it all in and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us. I hope to never

stop looking for those little things that make us happy every day.


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