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Abhishek Goswami

Updated: May 5

Abhishek Goswami (DOB: 31st December, 1985, POB: Mathura UP) is an Indian artist known for

his pursuit for visual art both still and motion began in 2016 and continues apace today. His love for

painting is said to be seeded in him as a kid who was heavily influenced by his mother.

He completed his education and did MBA in finance in the year 2011, but wanted to follow his

passion for painting and photography. Following his passion, he completed his study in Fine Art from

Collage of Arts (New Delhi) and still photography from Asian Academy of Film and Television (Noida). He

believes art and creativity can be influenced by anyone and every moment in life is an influence to

create a new image. He is also a trained martial artist, who participated in various combat sports and

body building competitions Nationally.

His first artwork is name “Akash” which was displayed on his exhibition curated by AAFT. He has

also exhibited his artwork in the prestigious India Arts Festival, November, 2019. Latest exhibition took

place Lokayata Art Gallery. His works are displayed in both online and physical galleries across Delhi

NCR. He has a vivid collection of more then 400 paintings and 1000s of conceptual photographs.

He has a great vision with composition in his photographs. His understanding of the usage of lights

to create an expressive visual is also very equine and it gives life to his captured moments. He is a

master in using extreme shallow depth of field in his photographs to make the subject standout in the

whole composition.

Among his many achievements he has painted the second tallest painting in New Delhi which is in

Bhartiya Vaidya Bhavan, New Delhi center. The brand “Abhishek Goswami Arts” is his brain child which

is a production house and a fashion studio. It deals in all form of art activities. He vision is to create

original expressive visual that depicts his understanding for life and existences.

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