Dr Megha Choudhary

I am Dr Megha Choudhary, currently living in Udaipur & working as an Assistant Professor in dept. Of Surgery in Rajasthan Vidhyapeeth Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital.

Besides teaching I am a classical Homoeopathic physician in my own clinic, side by I am YouTube and Artist too. Painting has been my hobby since childhood & I feel pleasure when I try different art styles. I keep on doing experiments with art forms. I have done Mughal art, Tanjore, miniature art, abstract, modern, realistic, landscape etc. Some paintings have been sold for home decor and a few I have made for Hotel. 

Art is a form of meditation,  it's a medium to activate the subconscious mind, I believe there is always a soul purpose in-universe the to create, built, rejuvenate, & create that can increase that potential. My family has always been supportive of me & due to their contribution, I am able to balance my clinic, painting and teaching career.

Dr Megha Choudhary
Image by FLY:D

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