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manasi upanekar

I am Manasi Upanekar, an artist hailing from the picturesque coastal region of Maharashtra, Sindhudurg. While my profession may be that of an engineer, my heart and soul belong to the world of art. My artistic journey is a profound reflection of my deep-seated passion for nature. Nature, with its myriad wonders, has always been my muse. I firmly believe that all it takes is a keen eye to capture the boundless beauty that surrounds us.

My art is a vivid portrayal of the diverse facets of nature. Sometimes, it takes me on a mesmerizing journey through dense forests, and at other times, it immerses me in the vastness of the oceans. The sea, in particular, holds a special place in my heart. Having been born in a coastal region, the mesmerizing blues of the sea have never ceased to inspire me. Hence, a significant portion of my artwork comprises stunning seascapes.

My artistic journey began during my childhood, but it was during the challenging period of the COVID-19 pandemic that I realized the true meditative power of art in my life. Hours upon hours spent in front of the canvas felt like a fleeting moment in time. I decided to paint every day, pushing my artistic boundaries with each stroke. Learning from my mistakes became a crucial part of my growth. I delved into the works of other artists, studying their styles, understanding their techniques, and observing their creations. All of these experiences contributed to the development of my unique style, and my artistic exploration and practice have never ceased.

I predominantly work with acrylics, a versatile medium that allows me to vividly capture the essence of the subjects I paint. Currently, I am delving into the world of still life art. This genre enables me to showcase the inherent beauty of everyday objects, highlighting their intricate details, and playing with the interplay of light and shadow.

My journey in art has been a deeply fulfilling one, allowing me to connect with the world in a profound way. It's a medium through which I can express my unique perspective on the world and share my awe of nature's wonders.

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